Dried Bitter gourd

We, Arizone International LLP, are an export-oriented organization mainly focusing on supply of various quality food items like Basil Seeds, spices, herbs, pulse, ingredients, etc.

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Dried Bitter gourd

The Bitter Gourd that we supply is demanded all over the world for its unique flavor and the richness of its nutrients. Bitter gourd has many therapeutic usages and is used in

alternative medicines to treat many diseases.

The freshness of the karela is ensured by the effective packaging done by us which maintains the high quality of the vegetables in transit.

Health Benefits of Karela / Bitter Melon

It secretes all the secretions properly and stimulates the pancreas to work.
It also helps in treating diabetes mellitus as it has an action like to insulin thus helping in glucose metabolism.
Bitter gourd (Karela) helps in stimulating liver for proper secretions of bile juices.
It useful in easier digestion of food as it promotes secretion of digestive enzymes.
It also used in the good assimilation of food.
It workings as an appetizer.
It also helps in purifying the blood.
It is commonly used in skin diseases especially it finds it application in black spots on face and acne.
Bitter melon (Karela) works as an anti-inflammatory agent thus serving in subduing any kind of oedema present on body.
It is widely used in a chronic cough as it has expectorant properties and helps in releasing the sputum accumulated in lungs and respiratory tract. Asthmatic patients are believed to have a good relief if it is regularly taken.
It works as a female tonic thereby useful in female genital tract related problems and menstrual disorders .
It also used in the secretion of milk during lactation phase after pregnancy.
Bitter melon (Karela) has high anti bacterial properties and is very effectual in healing wounds injuries.
It is very useful for external application on any kind of skin disease due to its anti microbial action.

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